Azure pipelines, not able to connect TFS repository via Azure repo pipeline

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Hi Team,

Need one help here, I have 2 pipelines 1) Trigger Pipeline 2) Main Pipeline

Trigger Pipeline: Codebase exist here based on TFS repo(I know limitation of having pipelines.yml) and have a pipeline just to trigger another main pipeline.

Main Pipeline: Where the actual pipelines.yml exist and it is based on Azure repo.

Problem is after checking in files to TFS, trigger pipeline execute but it does  not trigger the main pipeline. I am having concern on these lines in main pipeline(Azure repo where pipelines.yml present),



   -  repository: xyz

       type: ?

       name: ?

       ref: ?


Please help me how do I reference TFS repo here in place of "?".


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Hi @amitaiemd 

YAML piplines as of now does not support TFVC (I think by TFS repo you mean a TFVC repo) and you can find that information in the link here 

You could however, try a workaround such as downloading TFVC code to your build agent in a YAML pipeline using Azure DevOps REST API as suggested here.

REST API for getting TFVC items is here.