Azure File Share Build Pipeline Publish Artifacts

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I have a Build pipeline that is working right up until I want to push the build output to somewhere that I can perform at the moment some manual steps, I am attempting to use the following task and I am attempting to use an Azure File share with the syntax below, the build actually works and I don't get an error but I also don't see the files copied up.


Firstly, is this actually possible to do with this task or do I need another task in the build pipeline ? What have other people done ?


It actually copies them to the following path "D:\\rtv2build\drop\" makes sense I guess as shown in the task output in the build pipeline.


- task: PublishPipelineArtifact@1
    targetPath: '$(Pipeline.Workspace)'
    artifactName: 'drop'
    publishLocation: filepath
    fileSharePath: '\\rtv2build'


Happy to use another mechanism, I don't mind if it goes to a Storage Account container or a File share.




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@Michael_Pine so I just tried using the following and this seemed to work in terms of going to the correct storage account/container but I got a 403 which seems fair enough, I have added a service endpoint to the storage account but do I need to change RBAC somewhere to enable to the build pipeline I imagine to have create permissions ?


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The above worked, the last thing I needed to do was change the ServiceEndpoint to have a Role assignment of Blob Contributor and then it had the correct permissions to copy the build output to a storage account, didn't need to do any az cli stuff or anything like that been able to just use the DevOps pipeline and a Service Endpoint, Storage Account and RBAC.