Azure DevOps - Query Work Item History Field

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Looking for some guidance on the History Field for ADO Work Items (in my case Risks, but I believe it works the same).   After work item creation we direct our folks to use the Discussion fields to enter updates, status, etc.   Subsequently, we query the data (for a report to customers) and include the History field (to display the most recent discussion item).   However, I have found that if some other change is made (to any other field), then ADO enters a "blank" discussion entry.


As a result, the next query does not show any value in history.


Does anyone have thoughts about this - It seems to me that the history field should contain (at least) the most recent actual comment vice a blank field.

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The Time in State for Azure DevOps extension will help you view the history of Work Items states in detail with a breakdown by the time spent in each state .

Filtering is available using Queries, time filters, and filters by item.
There are charts for data visualization.

I hope it will be helpful for you!