Azure DevOps: Incomplete list of related workitems in build pipeline

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We use Azure DevOps Server 2020 Update 1.1 running locally on our server.


When we commit, we always add a link to one or more associated workitems. The workitems are correctly linked to a commit. So far, so good.


I have a build pipeline that is running for the first time. There is no previous build. When running the pipeline, some of our workitems are not added to the list of related workitems:



DevOps lists 50+ items. To be exact, there are 78 items. However, when I manually check the commit history, I find 186 different work items associated with at least one commit. What could be the reason for 108 workitems missing from this list? I could not find anything that the missing workitems have in common. How does DevOps find the related workitems? Is there a way to debug this process?


Thanks in advance.

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