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First published on MSDN on Apr 17, 2016

Authored by Ken Cenerelli

I find one of the best ways to stay connected to the constant changes within Azure is through Twitter . There is always a steady stream of new material being posted – if you know where to look. This article is going to show how you can improve your Azure development knowledge through Twitter.

This Community

Did you know the Azure Development Community Blog has a Twitter feed? You can find us at @AzureDevTweets . This is an ideal place to learn about new articles on this site. The authors live and breathe Azure Development and they strive to bring you new ideas through dedicated articles or by spotlighting current technologies through the Azure Content Spotlight series.

Azure Blog

The Microsoft Azure Blog has some of the best new articles on Azure. Most are written by Program Managers and Developers who have first-hand knowledge of Azure. The articles highlight all of the Azure services as well as changes to the Azure program. You can find the Twitter feed for the blog @Azure .

Other Accounts

The great thing about Azure is that it has a very large community of dedicated technologists who love the product and want to see it excel. This is especially true within Twitter. You can find new articles, opinions, and hacks through some of following Twitter feeds.

Azure People

These are some people who tweet a lot about Azure, starting with Microsoft folks who run the Azure program.


This article has shown you a new way to find and consume current items about Azure. If you are on Twitter I suggest you check out these sites. If you have not yet joined Twitter, why not start now with some of the sites I mention above?

And, if you like additional Twitter feeds that I failed to mention, please add them in the comments below so we can all start following them.
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