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First published on MSDN on Feb 18, 2016

Authored by Ed Price

Hello! For this week's content spotlight, let's look at a few highlighted articles on TechNet Wiki from Microsoft Integration MVP, Steef-Jan Wiggers...

February 2016:

Access Azure Redis Cache with an API App by Steef-Jan Wiggers

EXCERPT: " Microsoft Azure Cache (Redis) is based on open source Redis Cache. And Microsoft created a Platform as a Service (PaaS) around it, which can be provisioned through the Microsoft Azure Portal or PowerShell scripts . The service will give you a secure, and dedicated Redis cache hosted in a Microsoft data center. Data can be stored as key/value pair and access via an API or other means. This article will show how to access data in Redis Cache from an Azure API App."

January 2016:

Upload a document to Azure Blob Storage programmatically by Steef-Jan Wiggers

EXCERPT: "Microsoft Azure storage provides a low cost service in the cloud for a couple of cents per Gigabit. The service provides ability to store blobs (documents, media), table (NoSQL structured data), queues (reliable messaging), and file (shared storage for legacy applications). In this short article a demonstration how to upload a file (word document) as a blob to Azure storage using .NET code."

BizTalk Server 2013 R2: SB-Messaging with SAS by Steef-Jan Wiggers

EXCERPT: "The BizTalk Server 2013 version introduced a few new adapters: WCF-WebHttp , SFTP , SB-Messaging , WCF-BasicHttpRelay and the WCF-NetTcpRelay .  And these adapters kind of closed the gap between cloud and on-premises or you could view the addition of these adapters to support hybrid integration. The SB-Messaging provides connectivity with the Azure Service Bus, one of the most mature services. This service offers entities like Relay, Queues, Notification Hubs, Topics and Subscriptions, and Event Hubs. The interaction with these entities is possible with the SB-Messaging , WCF-BasicHttpRelay and the WCF-NetTcpRelay adapters. In this article the focus will be the SB-Messaging adapter that provides connectivity with queue, topics and subscriptions."

Next let's take a trip to the past with some more articles from Steef-Jan...

Wiki Archives:

Azure WebJobs: ServiceBusTrigger by Steef-Jan Wiggers (Aug 2015)

EXCERPT: "In case you face a challenge to build a Web Job that listens or monitors a queue in the Microsoft Azure Service Bus within a certain namespace to process each message that is sent there by a message producer this article will provide you a walk-through how to accomplish that. The Web Job in this case acts as a message consumer of the messages on the queue. Below a high level diagram of a scenario that will be explained in this article and how to face the challenge."

Microsoft Azure: Building a Logic App by Steef-Jan Wiggers (Jun 2015)

EXCERPT: "You can build integration solutions with BizTalk Server, a server product from Microsoft intended to provide large scale Enterprise Application Integration. The rise of the internet, mobile devices, Software as a Service, Internet of Things the demand for hybrid- and cloud integration becomes apparent. Therefore Microsoft has created services in Azure to provide you capabilities to build such solutions. The Service Bus has the capabilities to build brokered and direct messaging with queues, topics and subscriptions, and relays. Another service, BizTalk Services, was intended to build integration solution to bridge cloud with on premise Line-Of-Business systems. Going forward Microsoft has based on the BizTalk Services and Micro services paradigm to build App Service."

BizTalk Server 2013: Connect to Window Azure Blob Storage by Steef-Jan Wiggers (Oct 2013)

EXCERPT: "BizTalk Server 2013 supports connectivity with Windows Azure through its new adapters WCF-BasicHttpRelay, WCF-NetTcpRelay, WCF-WebHttp and SB-Messaging. The relay adapter enables connectivity with the relay service in the Windows Azure Service Bus. SB-Messaging adapters provides the means to connect to queues and subscriptions (topic). Finally the WCF-WebHttp for instance, supports connectivity to REST endpoints."

BizTalk Server 2013: WCF-SQL Executing a Stored Procedure in Windows Azure SQL Database by Steef-Jan Wiggers (Sep 2013)

EXCERPT: "The WCF-SQL Adapter (binding) from the BizTalk adapter pack has the following capabilities: (1) Execute create-read-update-delete statements on tables and views; execute stored procedures and generic T-SQL statements; (2) Database polling via FOR XML; (3) Database polling via traditional tabular results; (4) Proactive database push via SQL Query Notification.



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Special thanks to the author of these articles, Steef-Jan.

Have a great week! Keep one foot in the box and your head in the cloud!

- Ninja Ed

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