An Illustrated Guide to Fusion Development

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1. Introduction

If you've attended any flagship Microsoft event, you've likely heard CEO Satya Nadella talk about Tech Intensity and the importance of Fusion teams for digital transformation at scale. But what do those words mean? And how does this relate to concepts like low-code development and related technologies like Power Platform? Here are three resources that can help you learn:

  1. Fusion Development Learning Path - takes you from concepts (fusion teams, low code) to code (Power Apps components, OpenAPI-enabled Web APIs, integration with API Management and usage in Power Apps) with hands-on exercises and knowledge checks.
  2. Fusion Development e-Book - a guide that summarizes how fusion teams (of citizen developers and professional developers) can work together to build complex, fully-functional business applications using low-code development techniques, and combining Power Apps with Azure services.
  3. Azure Functions: OpenAPI and Power Platforms Event - a 2-hour live-streamed event with sessions covering core concepts (Power Apps, Power Fx, OpenAPI, Azure Functions) with interactive demos showcasing useful integrations for a fusion development workflow. Click below to visit the event page and watch the session replays!



2. An Illustrated Guide to Fusion Development


If you're a visual or visual-spatial learner, you might find it helpful to get "the big picture" before you dive into the step-by-step progression of the learning paths. So today, I want to share one more resource that can help in this context -- this illustrated guide that visually summarizes the Fusion Development Learning Path. 



 Click on the image to get access to a higher-resolution (poster-sized) version of the guide that can be printed out or used as desktop wallpaper.


3. Using The Illustrated Guide on your learning journey

Use this guide as a pre-read (to get a sense of terms, topics and flow 
before you start the learning path. Then revisit the guide after completing the path, to identify any gaps and reinforce learned concepts.


Every cell in this illustration maps to a related unit or module within that learning path. By checking out the visual before and after you complete the relevant section, you might find yourself making connections or seeing patterns that help you remember that concept better, or see it in a new perspective. For instance: look at the examples below.



What is Tech Intensity?

It's about three dimensions (organizational trust, individual capability & technological readiness) that signal successful adoption of technology to power digital transformation.

Learn More


What is Fusion Development?

It's about breaking the silos between citizen devs and professional devs, enabling them to work closely together to build apps that solve real business needs or challenges.

Learn More


What is Low Code?

It's about removing barriers and enabling more actions with less code (e.g., using drag-and-drop UI, scripting languages, declarative interfaces etc.) - so that anyone on the team can contribute meaningfully to their app development process.

Learn More


What is Power Apps?

Part of the Power Platforms product suite, it enables citizen developers to rapidly build mobile and web apps, while pro-devs can craft custom APIs, data connectors, and event-driven workflows - to support their fusion team development process.

Learn More


4. Summary

Thanks for reading! I hope you find this illustrated guide useful to you in your learning journey - as a citizen developer or professional developer exploring fusion development, or just as a curious technologist eager to learn about emerging technologies and paradigms.


Have feedback for me in what could make the illustrations better for your learning style? Leave a comment below! I would love to hear from you. Want more visual guides and visual storytelling content - follow me @SketchTheDocs.

And don't forget to check out these three resources to skill up on Fusion Development:

  1. Fusion Development Learning Path 
  2. Fusion Development e-Book
  3. Azure Functions: OpenAPI and Power Platforms Event  (session replays)

Happy learning trails!


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