Trying to Run the SSIS package from ADF which are accessing file from Network Path

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I m trying to Execute the SSIS package from ADF. Packages are having the Network Path. I have SHIR installed into the server where the Network path file and SSIS packages are available I have set the connectByproxy=True into the SSIS packages File connection Manager Proxy. But When I try to execute the package i m getting the below error:

DFT - dbo_history:Error: ConnectByProxy: Staging task failed. TaskStatus: Failed, ErrorCode: 2906, ErrorMessage: Package execution failed. For more details, select the output of your activity run on the same row., dbo_history:Error: The Execute method on the task returned error code 0x80131505 (Timeout when reading from staging). The Execute method must succeed and indicate the result using

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