Trigger Stored Procedures with OUT parametrs

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I am trying to trigger a stored procedure with OUT parameters through 'lookup' activity. Getting the below error, Can some one Suggest how to trigger Stored Procedures with 'Lookup' activity.


Below is my settings in 'Lookup' activity.



Thanks in Advance.



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@kishoremakke As best I can tell, the Lookup Activity only returns records from a stored procedure.  Do you have the option to change the way the stored procedure returns the data currently defined by your OUT parameters as the result of a custom SELECT statement?  


DECLARE @myVariable NVARCHAR(50)
SET @myVariable = 'Some value'

SELECT @myVariable as [MyVariable]


If you are stuck with the way the current stored procedures are designed, you may try creating a wrapper stored procedure that converts the OUT parameters to a recordset.  Alternatively, you could create an Azure Function that could execute the stored procedure and return the necessary results.  Not ideal, but there may be a few options.