toString does not accept array types

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As of today i started getting a new error message in my pipelines -


(DF-FN-006 - toString does not accept array types)


This seems to be a recent change and I have quite a lot Mapping Dataflows which rely on these conversions. e.g toString(columnname)


Anyone know of a solution or workaround i can use?



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Same problem as of today;

data flows which have been working in production environment are now failing with this error.



@rajneelsharma  Can you please open an Azure ticket on it from the Azure Portal?

@GeoRosMy errors have disappeared the next day and my pipelines as working again. Are you still having problems?

Hi@Mark Kromer the issue appears to have resolved it self the next day. Thanks


That specific toString error disappeared; however same DataFlow fails with another error (below) past two days. Will contact Azure Support


{ "errorCode": "4501", "message": "Failed to fetch execution state: '', please retry. If the problem persists, please contact Azure Support", "failureType": "UserError", "target": "meta_Heap_json", "details": [] }