Snowflake as Sink is not working in ADF

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We are copying data from on premise SQL server to Snowflake hosted in AWS(west-us2 region). As there is no direct option we had created a Azure BLOB (in west-us2 region) staging area  to use it. However , when we execute the Pipeline with Copy Activity, it is throwing below Error 

"ErrorCode=SnowflakeUnsupportedCouldPlatformForImport,'Type=Microsoft.DataTransfer.Common.Shared.HybridDeliveryException,Message=Snowflake only support the account hosted in azure platform while as sink connector, please make sure your account is hosted in azure, current region and platform is 'AWS_US_WEST_2',Source=Microsoft.DataTransfer.ClientLibrary,'"


Note: We saw the file is generating it in BLOB. So came to conclusion that the issue is at Sink side.


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Update : to make this thread helpful for the others. We had raised a ticket to Microsoft on the same and they confirmed that ADF is not supporting to push the data from Azure BLOB to Snowflake hosted in AWS. We didn't see any documentation around this. So we had asked them to update this in their ADF Snowflake connector documentation.
Did you get any solutions?. I am also facing the same issue
No, mine is different. As my Source and Target is hosted both in the Snowflake we handled it by writing the complete logic in Snowflake Stored procedures and called them in ADF using Lookup activity. However the above requirement is for existing data migration from On premise SQL server to Snowflake. As this is a one time task , we handled it in a different way (which is outside of ADF).