PowerBI REST API v2.0 in Azure Data Factory

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I am encountering issues executing the GET command to retrieve data model role assignments using PowerBI REST API (version 2.0) through Azure Data Factory. I aim to automate this process within our workflows.

Is this even possible to implement any GET command using PowerBI REST API version 2.0 in Azure data factory? For context, similar commands under version 1.0 work seamlessly.

Thank you!

P.S. Added documentation op Rest API (API version 2.0)


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@ricardofarmer In your example, you reference the Power BI Report Server REST API. This is different from the general Power BI REST API. 




The PBI Report Server is an on-premise service, so the service endpoint is different from the Power BI cloud endpoint. You should also check the firewall rules of your on-premise network in which your Report Server is hosted.

So it's not about two different API versions but two entirely different REST APIs.


Thanks, for your reply @AMeyersen.
Let me rephrase my question differently as the dashboards are published in the cloud.
Is it possible to take the role assignments from PowerBI cloud with the PowerBI Rest API of a similar cloud based API. If so, how?
As I'm not able to find information regarding this matter in the documentation besides the PowerBI Report Server Rest API, which is an on-premise service.

@ricardofarmer you might be able to use the Admin API to achieve your goal.




Make sure you have enabled the admin API and your service principal has sufficient permissions.