Managed Identity generation ADF

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Dear community,


When building an ADF (using DevOps GIT for version control) and publishing the factory, it seems that the required tag for Managed Identity generation is not generated ( When trying to release this ADF to different environment using DevOps Pipelines, then the Managed Identity is not generated and the release fails.


I could open the publish branch in VS Code, modify it, commit/pull it, but I'm a bit afraid that upon further changes through ADF editor and the next publish, this will just be overwritten again. Isn't there any option somewhere to add this tag in the generated template consistently?



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Found a workaround here: Requires to add an extra template/parameter file for a blank ADF and deploy that one before the ADF generated template. Not an ideal solution, but it works.

Also created a topic with Microsoft to add the option to generate the MI directly in the ADF publish: