How to name Case in Switch activity using Get Metadata output

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I have a Get Metadata activity in Azure Data Factory with "Structure" specified in the Field List. I then have a Switch activity with this expression: 


@activity('Get Metadata1_copy1').output.structure


An example evaluation of this expression, according to, is: 


        "name": "id",
        "type": "Int64"
        "name": "name",
        "type": "String"



The issue is I cannot use this output to name a case in a switch activity. Trying with my own structure, I receive this error:


Pipeline name cannot be 'CasePipelineSwitch1[ { "name": "Athlete", "type": "string" }, { "name": "Date", "type": "String" }, { "name": "Team", "type": "string" }, { "name": "Time", "type": "string" }, { "name": "Time (sec)", "type": "string" }, { "name": "VIFT (km/hr)", "type": "string" }, { "name": "VIFT (m/s)", "type": "string" } ]'. Pipeline name should start and end with letter, number or underscore (_). Pipeline name has exceeded the limit of 140. Pipeline name should only contain letters, numbers, dashes (-), underscores (_), or spaces.


Here is a pic of my case name:


How do I name the case? Thanks

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@big_ozzie  The error message you received indicates that the pipeline name you provided exceeds the allowed length and contains invalid characters.


You can create a pipeline name like this:




Note: Pipeline names start and end with letters, numbers, and dashes (-) or underscore (_). The maximum length for a pipeline name is 140 characters.


You can read more about Switch activity in Azure Data Factory 

and Get Metadata activity in Azure Data Factory or Azure Synapse Analytics


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