Extarct data from Sharepoint Online List using Azure Data Factory

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I am trying to extarct the data from sharepoint online list.. but it gives empty file. I have followed the setup based on the below link.




Linkedservice - success

Dataset: success and able to see the site and select, however when i map the schema it shows nothing




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@thiru1981 One possible reason for this issue could be that the SharePoint list you are trying to extract data from is empty. If true, you will not see any data when you map the schema. You can verify if the list is empty by navigating to the list in SharePoint Online and checking if there are any items in the list.


If the list is not empty and you are still unable to see any data when you map the schema, there could be an issue with the configuration of your dataset. You may want to double-check that you have selected the correct site and list when configuring the dataset.


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@BabatundeDallas thanks for your response. Yes, i have re verified LS and DS configuration. everything looks correct and also site and list all are valid and i have the data in the list.