Exasol script scheduling using ADF

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I am desperately looking for some advice from the community as I am out of options! 


I have an Exasol database and would like to use ADF to schedule some scripts (stored procedures) in the way that is described in this article - Run your ETL jobs with Azure Data Factory and Exasol (site.com). Basically, ADF sees Exasol as an ODBC connection.


I have managed to get everything connected and setup, however, am running into an error at the very final hurdle. I am able to setup a dataset in ADF, which allows me to to preview the data, so I am sure that the schema and table names are correct.

As per the Exasol tutorial, I need to use the lookup function in a pipeline to execute the script that I have created in the database. I have tested the that the script works, however when I try call the script from the lookup pipeline I get a range of errors which all seem to point the script in the script. I have tried to edit the script to include the standard Exasol syntax, with and without the schema. This is the error:


The following ODBC Query is not valid: EXECUTE SCRIPT "DW"."EXASOL_ADF_TESTING";


Does anyone have any suggestions as what I need to?



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