Does ADF support Security Enclave with Azure SQL Database ?

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We've Azure SQL Server Database which has few columns using encryption using Security Enclave. When we try to connect to the DB and query the encrypted column from ADF it fails. 

Error is :

Error occured when reading 'sp_describe_parameter_encryption' resultset. Attestation URL has not been specified in the connection string, but the query requires enclave computations.  Enclave type is 'VBS'.


When we try to give the Attestation URL in the connection string, it complains that it is not recognized key word. 


I tried to find the documentation to see if there is any way around but couldn't find any documentation which talks about ADF and security enclave without any luck. 


Appreciate any points. Thanks in Advance. 




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Hello Experts,


Any pointers ?





Hi Himal,

Are you using SQL Server installed on an Azure VM ? If yes, are you able to select the encrypted columns when in the VM itself ? Please answer them first before I can figure out a way to solve this.
Thank you! No, SQL is not hosted in Azure VM. I'm using Azure SQL.
Thank you!