Data flow sink to REST API gives error 405 on PUT and DELETE

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Hi guys,


I have created a data flow in Azure Data Factory:


SQL table including HTTP_METHOD column containing either POST, PUT or DEL as values.
The other columns are the values needed to sink.

Alter row: 
To filter the table based on HTTP_METHOD:


Dataset: REST API 




If I fill the SQL table with only records with HTTP_METHOD = POST, the flow runs fine and the records are sinked via the API.


If I include DEL and/or PUT records, the flow fails with following error:

Job failed due to reason: at Sink 'sink1': DF-REST_001 - Error response from server: Some(), Status code: 405. Please check your request url and body. (url:https://xxxxxxxxx/api/holiday,request body: Some({"Id":"134911","ResourceId":"26","DateFrom":"2099-01-27T00:00:00","DateTo":"2099-01-27T00:00:00","Type":"Holiday","TransactionType":"Subtract","Status":"Approved","RoleId":"398","Amount":"10.00","BookingId":"14011"}), request method: DELETE) 

(If there are POST records, they will always be sinked)

I can delete records manually via the API with Postman without an error.

Anyone has a clue?


Thank you.


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