Copy zip files from SharePoint to Azure Blob using adf

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I'm currently trying to get a zip file from a Sharepoint folder to my Azure Blob storage. The SharePoint environment belongs to a partner company. I have a personal login/password to manually access this SPO without any kind of VPN or MFA. I was trying to use Azure Data Factory to get the file daily automaticaly.


On Azure Data Factory Documentation, I got the impression that I would need to register an App on Azure AD and then, request the Sharepoint owner to give permission to my registered App so I can access it. Is my understanding is correct? And, if so, is there a easier way of doing it? Specially one that does not require me to request the Sharepoint owner to "add" me to his white list.

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Thank you for the reply. I looked into that, but all the Sharepoint sites I see on Logic App are the ones from my own company. Not the partners Sharepoint. When I give a custom url for the actual Sharepoint folder/file I need, I receive a message saying I do not have permission. Searching at a few forums, people are suggesting you might need root access to the Sharepoint site you are trying to connect. The partner used my company login/password to give me access to the folders I´m supposed to see/access. He will not garant me root access for sure. Is there other way?


I had the same problem. I had access to a folder but did not have access to the entire path. I have written the path directly to JSON from Logic Apps.





Currently I can access the Vendor Sharepoint using Browser normally. The Login and Password are athe same I use for MyCompany Access. The Vendor gave access to the Sharepoint folder that mycompany is supposed to have access(They have other customers with other folders that we should not have access). When I try using Data Factory, Logic App or Python coded Office365-REST-Python-Client library. All of them give me 403 error. Which leads me to believe that the Sharepoint Owner have to give me specific permission to use REST API to access Sharepoint. A permission other then I currently have(Whichs is good to access the folders using browser). Is this the case? Do the Sharepoint Owner need to give me some permission to use REST API? Or is it something I already have? And if need to give me permission, what kind of permission is needed?