Copy Data Activity Won't Connect Even Though Connection Tests Succesfully

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I am trying to use the Azure Data Factory connector to access Xero. So far, I have managed to set up the Xero linked service and the connection test is successful.


However, when I try to run a copy data activity, the connection fails, and the dropdown does not get populated as the tables failed to load.



The error message I am getting is ERROR [HY000] [Microsoft][Xero] (61) API Connection Failed. Bad Request. HTTP Response code: 400

How can the API accept my request when I test the connection but won't accept it when I am trying to set up a copy data activity?

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@tlgemp the error message indicates an issue with your request to the Xero API.

Can you verify that the connection settings of your copy data activity match those you used during the connection test. Verify the authentication type, consumer key, private key, and double-check the host (endpoint of the Xero server) in your linked service configuration.


Another possibility is to try debugging with the ‘curl’ command-line tool to test your Xero API requests. This helps identify issues related to headers, URLs, or payloads.


Kindly review @KranthiPakala-MSFT solution to Xero connection failure


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