Azure Data Factory CICD, Removing deleted data pipeline and handling of rename of data pipeline

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I have implemented CICD in Azure Data Factory using Azure DevOps.

I am using incremental mode for deploying to higher environment. When I use this setting then whenever I delete a pipeline/rename a pipeline the changes are not reflected in the higher environment. 

I do not know what will be the impact if I change the mode to complete deployment as my scope in cicd setting is resources group level. Will it delete other resources like keyvault or storage account if I use complete deployment mode?


Do any one has any solution of how can we automate this? I have also resource lock on the higher environment on data factory.

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@Harsh_Soni - Not sure if you got the answer to your question, but I've implemented the same using Craig Porteous's excellent instructions. CI/CD For Azure Data Factory With Azure DevOps - Craig Porteous

It works perfectly for what you're looking for if you have one development ADF for all projects/pipelines.