Auto Create SQL table from Imported CSV in ADF?

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Hi All


Wondering if its possible to automatically create a sql table from an imported CSV in Data Factory?  To make things a little more complicated not all csv's will have the same headings and differing number of headings.


If so, can anyone point me in the direction of a how to guide?




I've been ingesting csv's using a HTTP connector in ADF then storing CSV data into a SQL table (manually created) and then transforming and cleaning said data into a Datastore SQL table that is also manually created.


I know I'm a little slow to the party but I've been looking at using parameters and was wondering if I pulled the csv's into blob storage and then transformed from there.  Then I'd only need to create one SQL table and if I could automate the entire process in ADF that would save future me a lot of time.


I have another issue but I'll post that separate as its a slightly different topic.


Thanks for Reading


Hope someone can point me in the right direction.



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