ADF validation failing for Azure SQL Sink upsert when fault tolerance (skip rows) enabled

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Hi all,


I have been getting this error since yesterday, "Fault tolerance is not supported when using azure sql database upsert method." There have been published versions of the data factory where this is working fine. 

Has Microsoft introduced this additional validation rules recently? How can they introduce this without any proper documentation 

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@tejarebb I have been getting the same thing across mutiple clients.  Whilst I dont know why yet,
I have had to work around by removing the fault tolerance setting as higlighted in red below


If anyone has an explanation that would be great :) 




I am having the same issue too and I don't see any solution yet except removing the tolerance option completely.

@tejarebb I am also having this same issue. I am also unfortunately in a position where I can not remove fault tolerance.

Unfortunately, MS told that the feature never worked in the first place for upsert operations. I don't think there's any alternative other than disabling it
That's very bizarre. It's been working for us perfectly fine until I believe around the 7th. We aren't making a new pipeline on our end, we're just trying to update an existing pipeline that we've had for, to my knowledge, at least 3 months. We're trying to update the mapping to add a new column.