ADF Managed Virtual Network - Security Perimeter considerations for Public APIs as the source.

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I need to ingest data from multiple Public APIs using ADF, however there is concern of what security perimeter the ADF Managed Virtual Network has in place under the covers to secure this public internet connection effectively. The Public APIs which I am accessing are all HTTPS & support TLS communication, however, the concern is whether any attacks in transit could lead to IP spoofing, malicious data payloads returned, bad actors, middle man attacks and also eventually, the ADF Managed Virtual Network being compromised with viruses etc.? 

How does the ADF Managed Virtual Network stop this from occurring and does it natively handle this, or would I have to consider something as part of my architecture design to help overcome these security concerns? Thanks. 


It's also important to note that all the Public APIs which I plan to ingest data from support basic authentication and even tokens in some cases. 

Thanks for any support you can provide here. 


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