Tooling for managing ADX deployment.

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Is there some tooling planned for maning ADX deployment like it is the case for  Azure SQL Database ?
I am not talking about deploying the ADX Azure resource but to deploy new versions of a function or update a mapping ...

With Azure SQL Database, there is some Microsoft or external provider tooling to do state based or migration based deployment, with the use of sqlproj for instance, I did not find anything regarding ADX.

I have seen there is an Azure DevOps task to deploy kql scripts but that's all and it implies that we should take care of making the kql scripts indempotent to avoid mistakes when the pipeline is replayed for another deployment.

How do you advise to handle an ADX project, store kql files describing the "structure" of the database in a git repository and use an Azure DevOps pipeline to regularly deploy that ? Do you have samples on how you are handling that ?

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We have some example here: Azure DevOps task for Azure Data Explorer | Microsoft Docs, let us know if you need more info.



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