Timepivot way to display cell aggreation info for top-down drilling


I love the dynamic nature of timepivot, but there are a few missing features it needs.


- general left-pane TOC navigation

  • add special '(any)' value as the first choice in all pivot dimension dropdowns: so omitting a dimension from the pivot 'TOC' can be accomplished simply be setting dimension(s) to '(any)' instead of having to literally remove and reorder all the dimensions repeatedly. So if all of my query pivot variations are from the same ordered dimension list (just with different ones omitted here and there), I don't have to do anything other than pick dropdown values.
  • expand/collapse toggle, with mode
    1. 'descendants': deep expand/collapse on TOC rows selected, or all rows if no selection
    2. 'children': same, but only a one-level expand/collapse on selected/all rows

- cell aggregate display options:

  • overlay a cell's numeric aggregate on top of the colored bar
  • vary the length of the colored bar drawn as the proportion of the call's aggregate %
  • continue to display non-leaf rows' cell aggreg ation info even when expanded

- scope selection options:

  • drag-select any rect of pivot cells to drill down both the pivot table and results panes to only display those, so both pivot table axis narrow to just the selected ranges
  • shift-drag-select does the same as the above, but leaves the pivot table pane alone and just narrows the results pane
  • fix the timeline slide selector above the pivot table to work, it doesn't seem to do anything currently and is the equivalent of drag-selecting by only the x-axis portion

- history

  • alt-left-arrow/alt-right-arrow act like browser history to move back and forth amongst scope changes (or any other slicing option changes for that matter)

I presume all features like the above need representation as properties so one can directly invoke a render request.



If any semblance of these features already are possible in Kusto (desktop and/or web client), please indicate.

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