Reduce cost on VM for Azure data explorer

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I have been looking  for some way to control cost of dev subscription which we have been using. When it comes to cost the major one which stands out is virtual machine



The service adding virtual machine is Azure data explorer which we have been using.Compute version which is selected by default in D11_v2 series. Is there anyway I can request yo move this VM to a cheaper version like B series since for Development its fine if queries take some time to execute and we won't have much data in dev environment.





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yes, even we are trying to find way to reduce our dev cost. Any thought from any MS folk?



Hi there,


there are many routes to reduce cost: Pausing the cluster when it is not in use and reducing its size. In addition there are many optimizations that can help reduce the cost.


However, the bottom line is that the Azure Data Explorer pricing is based in a cost + manner on the dedicated resources that you are consuming. So reduction, pausing and optimizing are the best approaches.


If you can share a little bit about your scenario we may be able to provide a better advice.



Hello@zainuvk ,


You are using the minimal SKU (1 D11 and 1 D1) for operating a database for dev/test purposes.

For development and test (not performance tests), you should probably be able to turn it off and on (stop/start) when you are not using it, to reduce costs.


If you share a bit more about your scenario we will be able to provide a more accurate advice.




Thanks, that helps

@Uri Barash 

Thanks for the help. Sorry was away for few days so couldn't reply.My use case is for saving IoT data and am trying something like this explained here

I am seeing a strange issue here. As requested to save cost when not using Azure data explorer I did stop it but now after 2 weeks upon checking portal to my dismay couldn't locate the kusto server.Looks like it is dropped .The last event  which I could track from ActivityLog is of clusters being stopped which was definitely from my side .





Screenshot from Portal



Is there a way I can get it back again as there are few tables and ingestion rules which are needed.






Hi @zainuvk , please do open a support request from the portal. Best is that we track this issue and it gets investigates properly.  Thanks!