How to provide table level access to users in ADX

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I have tried in the azure portal, where I can provide database level access. However I could see Table Admin and Table Ingestor roles are available per the documentation.

My requirement is, I should be able to provided access to users to only specific table in a database.

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@bharathbathina, You can provide access to users at database level-

1. Go to ADX Cluster

2. Select your ADX Database

3. A new window will open

4. Go to permission section in left pane

5. Click on Add and choose either of the options available as per your choice 

6. Now search for the user and select the user to provide the access


@yaswantsinghi Thanks for sharing your response.


I am looking at table level, so trying to utilize Row Level Security and Unrestricted viewer access policies to achieve. But would like to know if we have any other direct options to provide access on table level.


Thank you