Get a permanent URL for Azure Storage Blob?

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I have images in Azure Storage Blob. I am trying to get a permanent URL for the images from Azure Storage Explorer.


I can right-click on the actual blob container, select "Get Shared Access Signature" but it has a start and expiration time. I know I can set it to expire in 2050 or something like that, but is there a way to just have a URL that I can use with no start/expire date? The URL I get has the start/expire dates in it as shown below. Looking for a way to avoid that if possible." & ThisItem.ItemNumber & ".jpg?st=2019-11-22T18%3A16%3A00Z&se=2051-01-01T07%3A59%3A00Z&sp=rl&sv=2018-03-28&sr=c&sig=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"
Apologies if not the right forum. Couldn't find one specific to Azure Storage Blobs.
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@Ed Hansberry what access type did you grant at the container level? If the container allows anonymous read access, you don't need the SAS token part. Using is enough. You can also configure a custom domain for your storage account to make the URL match your app domain name.

@hspinto Thanks. I see that now in Storage Explorer to set that for public access. I'll also review the URL you gave on domain names. Very helpful!