Change cvs delimiter data ingestion

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I am struggling fore a while with a very simple issue. I am trying to ingest data from the data lake into a table in Azure Data Explorer. The import fails because of a wrong column input:

Error ocurred while reading file: Query execution has resulted in error (0x80DA0008): Partial query failure: Wrong number of fields (E_WRONG_NUMBER_OF_FIELDS). (message: 'Kusto::Csv::Parser<>.PrepareFields: CSV has an inconsistent number of fields per line: ', details: 'Offending record: 80 (start position in stream: 155527), fieldsCount: 3, currentRecordFieldCount: 3').

Seems like ADX uses the wrong column delimiter.  But can't find a setting to change this to ";". 


Such a simple and standard function should be available somewhere. Hope I overlooked something.




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Thanks for your reply. If I rename the file it works. But that implies that I need to adjust all the files in the data lake. In other tools it is easy to modify the delimiter and specify a escape character.