Can Azure Analysis Services connect Azure Data Explorer?

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I am new to Azure Data Explorer and Azure Analysis Services. Would somebody please tell me if Azure Analysis Services can connect to Azure Data Explorer? When I read support data sources, Azure Data Explorer is not in the list, but I want a confirmation. 


Thank you.

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Hi @minhquana3


This is not a common practice or common request.

Can you share what you are trying to achieve with this connectivity?




Hello Barash,

Thank you for your reply.

My company stores IoT telemetry data in Azure Data Explorer. We use Power BI to handle data processing. However, the data is getting big and Power BI refresh becomes slower. Also, Power BI's API, which is used to display Power BI on the website, is taking longer to load. When researching potential solutions online, I came across a solution which a company use Azure Analysis Services to handle big data processing by using DAX and Power Query in Azure Analysis Services. However, their solution is to have Azure Analysis Service connect to SQL, which is different than my company's current solution. Hence, I wonder if Azure Analysis Service can connect to Azure Data Explorer.