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My understanding was that the preferred  way to create and manage re-usable images was to use "Shared Image Gallery" which has features like multiple replicates, region replicas, versioning, and so on. 


I have come across a scenario where a disk (image) is being used and I assume that it has been generalised. 


Personally without going to deep into it I would say that the disk will have associated storage costs which will be persistent, however the Shared Image Gallery images will have a lower billing cost for images. 

Has anyone come across similar scenarios and maybe the use of disks (as images) is an old way of operating or does it pose any benefit over the use of Shared Image Gallery images?

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Hi, taggar4 how are you?

Images is the best option for this.
Using Azure image shared gallery you can group your images separating them and versioning them.

Another good thing about images shared gallery is that you can replicate them to another regions and use it, so you can scale you deployment as needed.

VDH disks generalized still work, but imagine that this disk is fixed on region and if you think to create the same machine in another region it will be a problem.

I would say that using generalized VHD disk would be useful if this disk is on a storage account then you will can transfor this in a disk to use in other regions too.

But...If I could recommend. I would suggest to use the shared image gallery.

I hope that it can help you =)