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Hello @all,


maybe somebody could help me, I've got the following challenge:

I have a "Company" - keep things simple so lets call it "company"

This Companyhas a Domain

- "company.corp"

So far, so good. Now I need 3 "Subdomains"

- aroot.a.corp

- broot.b.corp

- croot.corp (yes, without the "c")

In every of these "Subdomains" I need an Exchangeserver.


What is the target of the Challenge.? -> I want to setup an Useraccount (e.g. the Name could be "3Admin") which is able to collect informations from all those 3 Domains and set informations there - no matter where this account is logged on - so also from a windows 10 Machine, joined to one of these 3 domains..

So e.g. I want to Login into "aroot.a.corp" with the User "3Admin" and get Values from User XY. Then I want to set exactly those values to the User YZ in the Domain "broot.b.corp" without changing the DC or without a Step in between, just with a simple PowerShell command.

maybe something like get a value from User XY (in the domain aroot.a.corp) and copy it to User YZ (in the domain broot.b.corp)

And here is my question:

How can I setup this environment.?

Do I need 4 Domain Controllers and 4 Exchanges.?


I appreciate every help. Thanks in advance.!

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Hi @nknX 

Are these "Domains" Active Directory Domain Services domains? If so then you can use a trust relationship so (for example) computers in aroot.a.corp trust users from company.corp. Check out https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/active-directory-domain-services/concepts-forest-trust for details of Trust Relationships.