log into a VM in Azure using my Azure AD credentials via RDP

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I would like to be able to log into a VM in Azure using my Azure AD credentials via RDP. The login should be done over the internet from MAC and Linux clients (clients are not members in Azure AD). For security I use Just in Time Access.
Is this possible? How can I implement the project?

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Edit: The client, from which I try to log in via RDP, is not Azure AD joined or connectet 


Edit: I have no activate MFA. This is my problem


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Hi @Stefan Kießig ,


There are some specific requirements and limitations for using 'Sign in to Windows VM with Azure AD credentials' feature. Everything is described in this article: Sign in to Windows virtual machine in Azure using Azure Active Directory | Microsoft Docs


I tried to visualize the requirements in a diagram (I made for my customer). It might not be 100% accurate (it's been a few months), so I would refer to the article for up-to-date information. Please not that this feature is now Generally Available for Windows VMs (no longer in a Preview).