Linux VM Import to Azure

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Hi there


i need to import an CentOS 6.9 Image to Azure. It is an Software Appliance we recieved from the vendor. I attached it to my Windows10 Hyper-V and convert the vhdx File in an VHD with fix size.

After this i run the Commands in this Link to prepare the VM for Azure


The i uploaded the VM an create a new VM. The VM starts. SSH seems to be not working. The connect but in the VM is gray.

Over start and Diagnostic i see following Screen



Do you have an idea what this means? What can i do to fix this?

Which other ways i have to import an VM?



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Your VM is running  nomally on premiseS?

Please try to import your VHD file in hyper-v and check it's working or not.

Nimish Chandra