How to Modify application hosted by virtual machine scale sets

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This is a hypothetical question as I am just doing my prep for azure cert. Suppose I have a web application front end hosted  on a scale set, I set the minimum number of machines to 2 which gives me vm0 and vm1, which machine will I need to jump on make changes to the application frond end ? 

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Hi, the VMSS resource property upgradePolicy can be set to either the value manual or automatic. If automatic, when an operating system update is available all instances are updated at the same time,  which causes downtime. If the property is set to manual, it is up to you to programmatically step through and update each instance using PowerShell. Check the details below:



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Also, it is recommended that the App deploy/Update is managed by Azure Custom Scriptr Extension. By updating the CSE url, all the VMs in the Scale Set will be automatically update to the latest according to update policy.