Hosted SQL advice please

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I’m looking to migrate away from our on prem DC and separate SQL server into Azure.


My plan is to join our Windows 10 clients to our existing Azure domain (AAD), continue to use Exchange online for email and move files and folders to OneDrive.


All of the above I’m happy with so far.  The bit I’m unsure about is our SQL databases which our client software uses. I know I can create a SQL instance in Azure and potentially migrate our data across to it but am concerned about latency between the client app and the azure sql instance. We have a 100mb/100mb leased line as our internet link.


any advice on this please

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Have you tested the app for its latency sensitivity? 

If you know the thresholds, then potentially review where you host SQL. You can test the latency from your office to the location here 


Hi @Ljs007 ,


You will need to do some latency testing to see how the connection will be. And if you want to have low latency you might consider using Azure ExpressRoute. Pleas check:

Consider the size of your DB, if it's small, you can set up a replica to the Azure SQL.

But if the size if big, then it's better to backup your on prem DB and upload it to Azure then restore it to Azure SQL.
Then setup a replication between on prem DB and Azure SQL. Once they both are lined up. Disconnect the on prem DB and direct users to use the Azure SQL DB instead. This shift needs to be done in a pre defined maintenance window to avoid any business disruption

Hope this helps!

Hi why don't you migrate the client as well ? 


I mean you can replicate both and test before failover .

You can have some inputs  about the latency here 

In my opinion  you should leave or migrate both .