First Hyperscale CSP with Graphic-Intensive Supportable VMs in UK

Community Manager

Today Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine customers can take advantage of the Azure G/GS/LS/H/N-series of Virtual Machine sizes, available in UK South. We’re also excited to announce that Microsoft Azure is the first Hyperscale Cloud Provider offering VMs able to run graphic intensive workloads in the UK (see N series below)!


New Azure N series – The NC and NV sizes are also known as GPU-enabled instances. These are specialized virtual machines that include NVIDIA®'s GPU cards, optimized for different scenarios and use cases. The NV sizes are optimized and designed for remote visualization, streaming, gaming, encoding, and VDI scenarios utilizing frameworks such as OpenGL and DirectX. The NC sizes are more optimized for compute-intensive and network-intensive applications and algorithms, including CUDA- and OpenCL-based applications and simulations.




Learn more about it in the Azure blog.

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