Experience with Automanage Machine Configuration

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I am experimenting with Automanage Machine Configuration and find the overall experience and documentation very poor. I am wondering if there are others who have experience with automanage and can point me towards additional documentation.


I have built an example implementation which I am using as my lab setup: JelleBroekhuijsen/azure-automanage-example: A simple example on how to work with Azure Automanage Ma...


What I am experiencing is that the compliance-state reporting seems to be very inconsistent. Sometimes these sample configurations reports everything being compliant while maybe 30 minutes later the same configuration is marked as incompliant (while the VM is observably in a compliant state). 


Additionally, there seems to be no option to get support or report issues with the GuestConfiguration-extension (for Windows) or the GuestConfiguration PowerShell module. For instance, in my experimenting with the module I found that calling the PackageManagement DSC resource from within a configuration leads to a conflict with the embedded PackageManagement module in the windows extension. I found a workaround for this, but I have no way to report this issue.


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