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Does any know if you can encrypt a disk when using the 2016-Datacenter-Server-Core image from Microsoft? When I try it comes up with an error "Failed to configure bitlocker as expected. Exception: The system cannot find the file specified".



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Yes I have followed this guide but it still reports the same error message.



Ok, did the machine reboot once you ran the commands ?

I have had a few problematic encounters getting this to work on some VM's as well.

they would constantly state a reboot was required, and this just went on.


I ended up disabling the encyption using Azure Powershell commands, and disabling it in the OS.

then rerunning the guide.


one thing you could verify, is the the drive containing the encryption key present ?

Also i found another guide that i prefer to the last one i sent.




I tried all that. It would appear disk encryption does not work on the 2016 server core image as I used the 2016-Datacenter image and the disk encryption worked fine.




I found this, it has a troubleshooting 2016 core.

it appears a feature is missing from core by default.



On Windows Server 2016 Server Core, the bdehdcfg component is not available by default. This component is required by Azure Disk Encryption.