Cross-subscription disaster recovery for Azure virtual machines

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Today, we are glad to announce cross-subscription disaster recovery (DR) support for Azure virtual machines using Azure Site Recovery (ASR). You can now configure DR for Azure IaaS applications to a different subscription with in the same Azure Active Directory tenant.


An Azure subscription is the basic unit where all Azure resources are contained. It also defines several limits within Azure, such as number of cores, resources, etc. Many organizations use multiple Azure subscriptions in their Azure account for billing or management purposes. For example, some organizations use different subscriptions for production, staging and disaster recovery environments for ease of management and to adhere to the subscription quota limits. With the new capability, you can replicate your virtual machines a different Azure region of your choice within a geographical cluster across subscriptions. This helps you meet the business continuity and disaster recover requirements for your IaaS applications without altering subscription topology of your Azure environment.




Read about it in the Azure blog.

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