Converting a virtual computer (VMware) to Azure

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I need to migrate a Windows 2008 R2 server with a web application and some systems to Azure.


I currently have some virtual machines created using Windows images with managed disks.


I want this server to be converted to Azure just like my others are currently.


What is the simplest option and with little effort to make this migration?


I found two procedures:


Option 1


1 - Create a VHD
2 - Allocate to a storage account
3 - Create an image of this VHD
4 - Deploy a new VM using this image


Option 2

But this one is a lot of work! I wanted something simpler.



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Soo.. many ways to do this, as you mentioned there is Azure Site Recovery and the image method.

Another option I've used in the past is Veeam Backup and restore into Azure (maybe see if your backup solution you are using for on-premises workloads has an Azure endpoint that can help restore to) .

Also, you could look into turning your web applications into Azure WebApps through the migration assistance:

* If it is only a few and you can leverage downtime, then creating the images and then virtual machines is an option.
* If you have have more than 4+ virtual machines, I would look at Azure Site Recovery/Azure Migrate to reduce downtime and data loss, especially if you have access to the hypervisor then you can do multiple workloads at once.

Installing Windows Server 2019 on new fresh Virtual Machines in Azure and migrating/upgrading the workloads would be preferred, if you can't go the PaaS route, then you are running the latest supported operating systems, which doesn't have any legacy drivers or old software and is a good opportunity to upgrade legacy software and potentially do a seamless swap over, between old and new.

This may be of some interest as well for Cloud Adoption:

Rehost, Refactor, Rearchitect, Rebuild, Replace
As you running currently a non supported OS version and even that OS 2008R2 with a new product key is supported I would not do this, build a new fresh server 2019 in Azure an move the application over. that way you can test and sideload the application, In basic there is no good reason to run server 2008r2, Take the time and move the application to a new system, you will thank me later as all runs smoothly and easy to handle. stay current and stay secure, ping me if you need more help or visit my blog