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Can the number of CPU cores for a container be a decimal value, for instance 0.1?


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Hi Werner!

You cannot use decimal values when defining the number of CPUs on a Azure Container Instance.

Can I ask why you would want to use only one tenth of a CPU core?


/Anders Eide
Hi Anders, Thanks for your reply. I think you can run more applications in Docker containers on a system than there are cores, especially when those applications are microservices. At the moment I run Mesos/Marathon on a VM with 4 cores on Azure. It runs 25 Docker containers, which each use 0.1 CPUs. That works fine, because CPUs can run a lot of processes. This would require 25 cores. I conclude that this service is not for small set-ups, because they can't saturate the CPU cores sufficiently. Best regards, Werner.
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Got your point!


Yes, for your scenario, it sound better to run it in some sort of downscaled VM environment.


Azure Container Instance is also billed for each second it runs, so if you need something that lays around and process data constantly, it would get rather costly compared with the cheapest VMs.


A quick guestimate would look like this for 1 CPU and 1 GB RAM (24hrs)

ACI: $2.16

VM (B1S): $0.312


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