Changing IP from static to dynamic

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I have a Linux VM having static private IP lets say, (a.b.c.d ) when I change the assignment from static to dynamic, does that wipe out all the IP settings from OS level ? does the VM take reboot in this process ? Do I need to supply IP info at the OS level ? I just read somewhere we shall not set IP at OS level for Azure VM and I am super confused doing this.


I need to keep the IP as a.b.c.d after changing the assignment type from static to dynamic. is that possible ?


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You don't configure any IP settings within the VM so if you change the NIC from static to dynamic the VM will get a new IP address from the subnet the NIC is attached to. 


I'm a bit confused as to your requirement.  If you need to use the ip as a.b.c.d why not just leave it as static?