Changing Azure spot eviction policy midway

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Hi Folks

I think I know the answer to this and it's probably no but I wanted to ask first.


I am doing some testing with an Azure VM using Spot instance with eviction policy set to capacity.

It seems when I need to use for a bit longer, MS decide to evict me so the spot instance for me currently isnt working for me so need to change my approach.


I know my only real option is to create a new VM which isnt set to use Azure Spot but before I do this is there a way I can change the eviction policy on my current VM from capacity to cost/capacity, I am thinking if I can do this I can set a pricing cap which should prevent the VM going down as often because the pricing I set will be high enough so that it doesnt get evicted.


Any suggestions or whether it can be done would be greatly appreciated.



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