Cannot reuse the automation account for Strat-Stop off hours VMs.

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I am having an issue when I am starting to use the Azure Automation account to create Azure VMs off-hours Turnoff. Getting this error while setting this up. 


"The resource 'resource' already exists in location 'eastus' in resource group 'RG'. A resource with the same name cannot be created in location 'eastus2'. Please select a new resource name. When creating a Start and Stop solution."

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@harshvir, you cannot have two resources of the same type+name in the same resource group. This is an Azure Resource Manager limitation coming from its resource ID scheme but it is also a good practice to avoid naming duplicates. Why would you want to have two resources with the same name? More details about Azure naming convention:


Define your naming convention - Cloud Adoption Framework | Microsoft Docs

Thanks, @hspinto,

Actually, we have issues with the Azure Automation RunAs account. I have an idea about the naming convention but when we trying to set up Start/Stop solution for the VMs the Log Analytic workspace needed the RunAs account. By default the RunAs account set as the Azure Automation Account name. That is the reason I get this error. As per the MS it is set up like that way. They have been notified the Product team seems to be a bug in Start/Stop process. We are now waiting on the MS reply on this. Whatever the solution MS is suggest I will share with you.