Can´t delete NIC, want to shrink to VM to a smaller one

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Hi Communitiy,


i need your help. I have a Linux VM running an sophos on it. We wan´t to reduce the size of the VM from A3 to a Smaller One A2. A3 has 4 NICs and with A2 we can use only 2. This is okay 2 NICs are enough.

My Problem now is i can´t delete two not needed NICs to reduce the VM.


When i want to delete the not needed NIC i recieve following Error Message


Could not find member 'resources' on object of type 'ResourceDefinition'. Path 'resources', line 1, position 3187."."


Can someone help me to solve this Problem?



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Could you provide the commands you are using for removing the nics ?

or you could just delete the VM and recreate it.