Can I put OS on Drive space included with VM

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OK......never used Azure but say I buy the D2 v2 Promo VM (2 Cores, 7GB Ram, 100GB Disk).  Does that mean I can use the 100GB included as my Windows OS/C:\ drive or is this 100GB Disk simply that TEMP storage that is included and therefore I have to buy an addition "managed Disk" to actually put my OS/C:\ drive on?  It sure would seem you should be able to use the 100GB but I seem to see references to people sounding like you can't even use that space.

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All VM's have an OS disk of 127GB storage.

The drive that is mentioned when selecting a VM is additional storage that you can use for temporary purposes. Keep in mind that for standard tier storage you pay pr. GB used, if you select Premium you pay for the disk it self regardless of usage.



Do not store anything on the temp drive you cant affored to lose.

I use it for Pagefiles, SQL Temp db files and so on.

Am I billed for that 127GB OS disk that was created when I added my VM?  For example in my test VM it auto-created a 127GB premium disk, so am I correct that my bill will then have added one 127 Premium Disk?

Yes that would be correct.