Azure M-series VMs are now SAP HANA certified

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In December 2017, we announced general availability of the Azure M-series virtual machines (VM). These VMs host on the most powerful cloud hardware that is available across all public cloud providers. They deliver configurations up to 128 vCPUs and 4TB RAM for a single VM! Over the past few months, we have seen customers adopt and utilize M-series VMs for high-end database workloads based on SQL Server, Oracle, and other DBMS systems, even already move entire SAP landscapes into Azure. Microsoft, as a customer of SAP, led the early adoption path by completing our own migration of Microsoft’s SAP landscape into Azure, including our 14TB SAP ERP systems which runs Microsoft’s most critical business processes on the M-series M128s VM for this application's SQL Server DB.


To accommodate even more demanding workloads Azure has invested into accelerating database system performance with optimizations for critical write I/O, exclusively on Azure M-series VMs. Azure Write Accelerator is functionality we recently released for M-series VMs. This has been proven to accelerate performance for critical, transactional log writes that require sub-millisecond latency.


We have been working with SAP over the last few months to leverage and certify Azure M-series VMs for their SAP HANA database, utilizing these capabilities. Today, we are excited to announce that M-Series VMs are certified by SAP for SAP HANA production workloads in a number of categories.



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