Azure Function with Blob Output Binding returning 404 on GetProperties check before writing the Blob

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This question is similar:

But I'm wondering if there are other answers or comments out there, and more recent.


I have an Azure Function with an HTTP Trigger input binding and a Blob Storage output binding.

For every execution, the output binding looks like it tries to get Blob Properties first, resulting in a 404.  Quite rightly, as the data to be written is going to a new Blob.  But this will always fail and in this case is redundant.  It takes time to go through these steps - admittedly milliseconds, but still. Presumably it's also logging somewhere, so that's a storage cost - might be negligible now, but something to not be ignored. I'm not 100% sure where that logging would be stored, either, to go and manage it.

The positive is that the overall function execution is fine. But it's still recording all these failures, and we're getting 10s of thousands through it a day.


Is there a way to use the concise output binding code but not do this prior if-exists-get-properties check?


My options seem to be live with it, or rewrite to use BlobContainer, BlobClient and so on instead of the Blob attribute output binding.


Anyone got some clever ideas?

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I originally posted in Azure Q&A here:

Seems there's no way to disable the check for blob existence or some parts of the tracking.